Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bcbg maxazria style

courtesy of BCBG maxazria

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket. I saw it a few months ago at BCBG boutique in Georgetown boutique. I didn't buy the jacket: at nearly five hundred dollars it has quite a hefty price tag, but more importantly it's woven-back screams DIY and that's exactly what I intend to do. My late grandmother's leather jacket has been sitting in my closet unworn for years and will be perfect for this project. My grandmother's jacket has a built in belt in addition to a proper collar. The Chinese collar on BCBG's jacket provides hipster chic attitude: popping it isn't even an option, it's the default. The snug crop is also worth noting, how I will incorporate, substitute or compromises for these features is yet to be determined. I only hope that by blogging about the project, I'll shame myself into getting it done... expect an update in a few weeks.

courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

For whatever reason the jacket is no longer sold online (perhaps it sold out?), so DIY is the only option after all. I remember the back with less weaving: I am contemplating weaving several Xs on the back (I'm envisioning more of a purple-grey) and leaving whatever top is underneath exposed. We shall see.

I also really liked this wrapped print dress (not to mention the Jimmy Choo patent leather sandals), again BCBG is channeling DIY.

courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue
Yes the fitted, grey dress is flattering on it's own, but it's not particularly memorable. Such an effect is well-suited for some, mainly those who do not wish to be remembered. This girl instantly changed her image by splashing color swatches somewhat haphazardly upon her otherwise pristine dress. Welcoming instant attention, this dress isn't desperate in the least. It's DIY.


  1. wow jenny! this post is so great- you are quite the writer! (definitely better than me haha) also, that jacket is such perfection. i cannot wait to see your version! want to make me one? :)

  2. Hey Jenny!

    I've decided to follow Katie's and your lead and do this blog thing for real. Can't wait to see more of your posts!